• November 30th, 2012
  • Posted by VolleyCoach

Volleyball Spiking Drills

3 Volleyball Spiking Drills

Spiking is to volleyball what slam dunking is to basketball. It’s an incredibly effective way to score points against a team’s opponent by slamming the ball over the net aggressively and if a player is well trained in spiking it’s likely that the opposing team will have no chance to save it.

Aggressive players that want to dominate the game often love the art of spiking but it’s something that player’s must train hard at to become proficient at. These volleyball spiking drills however will help any player or team to do just that. Practice them regularly and in no time they will be masters of the potentially devastating spike!

Wall Spiking: This spiking drill is designed to help players to work on their follow through and precision. To perform it each player must stand close to a wall where they will practice wall spiking.

Have each player should stand around ten feet away from the wall and attempt to balance the ball in their non dominant hand whilst extending their elbow so that their arm is straight and raised across the body so that it’s placed at around head height just in front of their other shoulder.

The players should then raise and draw back their other arm whilst they bend their elbow making sure that their hand starts close to their shoulder.

Finally each player should then use their dominant hand to hit the ball whilst trying to aim towards the ground that is between the wall and them and once the ball bounces off of the floor it should hit the wall and fly back towards the player that threw it.

As the ball is returning the player they should then track the ball using their non-dominant hand and then hit it again when it reaches her repeating the process. Should the ball move in the wrong direction direction the player should simply restart the drill.

Each player should continue to repeat the wall spiking drill for several minutes and then switch to using their non-dominant hand.

The Spike Approach: Here’s a great volleyball spiking drill for practicing the approach to a spike. The approach is extremely important as it allows a player to gain momentum before jumping and hitting the ball with total accuracy.

To perform the spike approach have all of the players line up in a single file line on the left side of the court behind the ten foot line. Then have each player one by one practice their spike approach and performing the “left, right-left, jump” footwork whilst the arm swings and goes to hit.

As each player finishes their spike approach on the left hand side of the court they should then move to the middle of the court to practice a spike approach from the center of the court and the finally to the right hand side of the court to practice a right-front approach.

Players should rotate through all three of the positions multiple times working on their spike approaches from all areas of the court before the drill finishes.

Pass Set Hit Drill: To perform this drill split the players into groups of three and place one at the back left position, place one as a setter at the net holding the ball and then place the third placer on the other side of the net to shag the ball.

The drill starts by having the setter toss the ball to the passer and then having the passer pass the ball back to the setter. The setter should then set the ball while the passer moves into the hitting position at the ten foot line making an approach to spike the ball over the net.

The shagger then shags the ball and the players all rotate positions with the passer becoming the setter, the setter becoming the shagger and the shagger becoming the passer.