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Fun Volleyball Drills

Volleyball is a fun game but sometimes performing the same dry and boring volleyball drills over and over again can get tedious and take the enjoyment out of what is supposed to be an exciting sport. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 fun volleyball drills to keep your training fresh and exciting. Not only will these drills help you to improve on your volleyball skills but you’ll also have a great time whilst doing them!

Mighty Ducks: Here’s a fun volleyball drill that involves eight players divided up into two teams of four. Have one team on each side of the net with all four players standing in the middle of the court all huddled. The coach the slaps the ball and either hits a down ball or free at the first of the two teams. As soon as the coach has slapped the ball the first team should to their playing positions with one setter, one left back, one right back and a middle back. Once the first team has hit the ball the second team then takes their position and the first team goes back to huddling. If the hit doesn’t make it then the coach grabs another ball and repeats the process for the second team.

If a team gets a point that is considered a “little” and once you get two “littles” in a row you’ll get a “big”. The first team to reach three “bigs” wins the game!

Serving Webs: Another fun volleyball game to play that will help to improve your serving, teamwork and accuracy skills. Start by dividing teams into two squads with half of the players on each of the serving lines. Then send one player from both sides to the opposite side having them lay down flat on the ground on their stomach.

The players then one by one must serve and try to hit the teammate that’s lying on the floor. To gain a point the ball must hit the player on the floor somewhere on the body. The player may use their hands or feet in order to make contact with the ball. Every time the player can touch the ball the team mate must run to join them on the floor linking either by hands or feet.

The next player then serves to the two players on the floor trying to hit them again and if they’re successful they also join the players on the floor. The players on the floor must stay in constant contact at all time.

This drill is not only super fun but really helps to particularly improve on serving accuracy.

The Birds and Bees: This is an exciting drill will help with conditioning. Get all of the players to partner up and then make them lie head to head at the center line with their feet facing the end lines. All of the players on one side will be “Birds” and the players on the other side will be “Bees”.

The coach will them call out the name of one of the teams and that team then chases the other team to the end of the gym as they try to catch them. Once they’ve reached the end of the gym the players come back to their original positions and the drill starts over again. This a really enjoyable drill that gets the players moving.