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Powerful Blocking Drills

Blocking is an extremely important volleyball skill that every player should take the time to learn. Blocking might look like a simple skill from the outside but in reality there’s a lot more to a good block than simply throwing your hands up in the air.

Below we’ve compiled a short list of the best volleyball blocking drills that we’ve ever come across. These drills will help players to master the skill of blocking once and for all!

The Mirror Blocking Drill: This is a simple drill that requires two blockers with one placed on each side of the net. You start the drill by having one of the players perform a blocking movement whilst the player on the other side of the net mirrors that movement.

Then simply repeat this process several times over and swap the roles of the players. The point of this drill is to help the player that is mirroring the blocking movements to get used to reacting quickly to their partner as well mimicking correct blocking technique.

The Jousting Blocking Drill: This drill starts with one player on each side of the net. The coach then tosses a ball up in the air so that it lands square on top of the net and the players much choose between blocking or trying to push the ball through the block.

This drill helps to teach players that it’s often the second player that pushes that wins the joust and allows them to work on winning 50/50 balls.

Attack the Hole: This is a drill that’s designed to work on closing the hole between blockers. For this drill you will need a setter as well as hitters in a hitting line along with two blockers on either side of the net.

The drill starts with the coach tossing volleyballs to the setter. The setter must then set to an outside hitter. The hitter must then try to hit the ball between the blockers each time they hit.

Each ball that is blocked into the other court counts as a point and once five points have been reached the roles are rotated.

The Block on Box Drill: This drill requires you have both the coach and a hitter standing on boxes on either sides of the net. The coach then hits into the block.

The reason for doing this is to help the blocker to work on their blocking technique. They should be trying to angle their arms and hands so that when the ball is blocked it bounces off of the blocker and into the court.

Because the blocker is standing on a box they don’t have to jump to block allowing them to perform this drill many times over without getting tired.