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Top 4 Volleyball Defense Drills

There’s an old saying that “the best offense is a good defense” and this is also true in volleyball. Whilst a good offense is important it can amount to absolutely nothing if your defense skills aren’t there. Thankfully though there are a tonne of great volleyball defense drills out there that if practiced regularly will help you to master the art of the defense.

Below you’ll find some of the very best defense drills out there all compiled into one handy list!

Two vs Six: Playing a game of two on six is a great way to improve on your defensive skills (as well as a whole range of other important volleyball skills). Whilst it might seem a tad unfair at first glance it’s actually a brilliant way to force players to read setters and hitters and work on their defense skills.

To play you simply divide players into one team of six and another of two and begin with the team of six serving to the team of two. The team of six must try to serve their balls within a step or two of the other teams teammates from where the players on the two player team must get down and play some strong defense.

Not only is this drill a great way to build a tough defense but it’s actually a tonne of fun to play!

Bad Set Drill: This drill involves two teams who both set up in the defensive positions. The must stand at right front like the setter (the setter still participates in the drill but does not set).

The coach must then toss a ball to any of the hitters making it either a perfect set or a bad set. This forces the hitters to adjust to each set just like they need to in a game.

Finally the rally is played out and sides are switched every 5 tosses.

Blocker Defense: This drill requires that you set up two teams in the defensive position and have the coach toss a ball in to either side to begin.

The middle blocker however is not allowed to block or hit and may only cover tips. The hitters on the outside must tip at least one out of every three sets. All defensive players must take an extra step in when covering their hitters.

The coach should alternate sides that the ball is tossed in and both sides should play out each rally until the desired number of points is reached.

Defense & Blocking: To perform this drill set both teams up in defensive position. In this drill there are no quick sets allowed as it’s designed to help blockers and diggers.

Only 4s (high outside), 5s (high right side) and 2s (high middle) should be set. This helps the defense to get in their correct positions every time. To start the drill the coach should deliver a free or down ball.