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6 Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Looking for some great volleyball drills for beginners? You’re in the right place. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of various volleyball drills that are perfect for people either completely new to the sport or returning after some time off.

The Toss & Pass: The ‘Toss & Pass’ is a simple but effective volleyball drill for beginners. This drill requires two players, one of whom tosses the ball to the other to pass. Do this a specific number of times and then switch roles. This drill will help beginner players to learn proper passing technique.

The Passing Game: Another good drill to teach new players the skill of passing is ‘The Passing Game’. It requires a group to play and involves splitting them up into two groups who will compete against each other. Both of these groups will them form a ring and have their own volleyball. The object of the game is to get the most consecutive touches and keep your team’s ball up the longest.

Serving Drill: To help beginner players learn to serve have them do the serving drill. To do this you divide the group into two teams and have them compete against each other for the highest number of successful serves completed.

Wall Hitting: Here’s a drill that requires just one person. The player chooses a spot on a wall and then tries to hit the same spot. To do this successfully they’ll need to focus on using proper arm swing technique. This drill will help with the players arm swing immensely.

Line Passing: Put players into two lines facing each other. The players on the first line must pass the ball and then go to the end of the line. This is another effective drill for teaching passing.

The Dead Fish Drill: One of the most popular of all of the volleyball drills for beginners that we’ve shared on this site! Just divide your players into two teams and have one serving whilst the other moves to the other site of the court and lies down inside of the court. The serving team tries to hit one of the players on the floor.

For every ball that lands in the court you get 1 point.
Every serve that goes in the net or out you lose a point.
And for every ball that hits a player on the foot you get 2 points.

When the time is up – switch the teams!

Tip Top Passing: Another good passing drill. In this beginner’s drill you get the players to pass from their fingertips teaching them to avoid the tendency to “palm” the ball. The players should work in pairs passing back and forth in a controlled manner. To succeed they will need to focus on receiving and returning the ball with just their fingertips.