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Volleyball Drills for Kids

If you are looking for some of the best volleyball drills out there that are designed for kids then look no further because below we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the very best volleyball drills for kids. These drills are a great way to teach kids many of the skills essential to volleyball including playing as a team, learning to serve and a whole lot more.

Two vs Two: Here’s a fun drill that teaches kids how to play as a team as well as helps them with their serving skills. You start by dividing the court into two with the back line being the 10 foot line. You then pair off all of the kids in the team and start with two pairs on the court – one on one side and the other on the other side.

Next one of the pairs must serve to the other using an underhand serve and both pairs play until one team loses. The losing team must leave the court and is to be replaced by another pair. Each round the challengers will serve. Then just continue playing bringing in a new pair whenever a team wins.

Greed:  This drill teaches kids the concepts of teamwork and encourages them to try their hardest to win every point and to get every ball.

To perform the drill you start by splitting up the kids into two teams of 6 with each team starting with 12 balls in total. Next each team serves two balls at time whilst alternating sides and then rotating. The team that wins the rally then gets to keep the ball.

The winning team is the one that finishes with more balls then the other side.

Target Practice Drill: This is a drill that’s designed to help kids to better control their serves and to improve their serving accuracy.

Start by setting up six targets. Set up one target in each of the front, right and middle positions and one in the back left, back right and back middle positions too. Each round the coach will choose a target to aim for and the player that is serving must try to hit that target. The key to successfully hitting the targets is to keep your wrist firm whilst serving and to make contact with the middle back of the ball with the heel of your hand.

This drill can be played as a competition by dividing the players into two teams and awarding teams points every time they successfully hit the target that has been chosen by the coach.