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Volleyball Drills for Middle School

If you are coaching a middle school volleyball team then you might find yourself struggling to find appropriate drills for their age level. Many of the drills that can be found online are far too advanced are designed for more professional players whilst others can be too basic and simple failing to really challenge your players. That’s why we’ve compiled a big list of some of the greatest volleyball drills out there designed specifically to help middle school students to improve on their volleyball techniques.

Target Practice: Here’s an awesome drill for improving middle school volleyball players serving accuracy. Learning to serve accurately is an extremely important skill to master in order to become a great volleyball players and this simple but fun drill does a great job in teaching players just how to do that.

The drill is performed by setting up six targets across the court with one in each of the front left, front right, front middle, back left, back right and back middle positions. The coach must then choose one of the targets before each serve for the server to aim for.

The drill can also be turned into a game by dividing the students into two teams and awarding them points for every serve that successfully hits one of the targets.

Two vs Two: Here’s a good drill for teaching middle school students to work as a team. It’s a fun, fast-paced two on two game that forces students to work together and also helps them to learn proper serving technique.

Start the drill by splitting the court into two and pairing off the middle school students into teams of two. Then pick two of the teams to go on the court with one on each side. Teams must serve using only underhand serves. When one team wins the other team is then replaced by a new pair who then serves the ball back into play again. Then just continue the process replacing the losing team with a new pair each time.

Coverage: The purpose of this drill is to teach middle school level players to cover hitters. It also teaches players that teamwork is an essential component to any successful volleyball team.

Start the drill by lining up six players in their normal set on one side of the court. Then line up two blockers in each of the three blocking zones on the other side of the court. Next the coach tosses the ball to the receiving side that then goes on play the ball.

With such a large number of blockers the chance of the ball being returned is extremely high. This forces the receiving team to cover the hitter if they want to win.