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Volleyball Hitting Drills

Hitters need to be good all-rounder players and well trained in a variety of different skills and one of the best ways to improve a players hitting abilities is with the aid of some volleyball hitting drills. That’s why we’ve compiled a nice, big list of some of the most effective hitting drills out there that will help to turn novice hitters into pros in no time.

Four Corners:  This is a great drill for improving a hitter’s accuracy levels. Start by setting up a chair in each of the four corners of the court and have hitters line up near the net just out of bounds. The coach must then stand near the net on the same side of the court and then toss the ball into the air for the first player to hit. If the hitter manages to hit any of the chairs they score a point. The player with the most points at the end of the drill wins. This drill does an incredible job at teaching hitters how to hit over a long distance with superb accuracy.

Wall Drill: This is a great drill for beginner volleyball players that want to learn to hit better. Start the drill with the players standing 10 feet from a wall with a volleyball in their hands. Then have them throw the ball and hit it so that the ball hits the wall and then bounces back to them from a high enough location that they can hit it back again. Players then hit the ball back at the wall and continue to do so as many times as they can or until the coach decides the drill is over. After doing this drill for a while players will become extremely comfortable with hitting.

Whole Team Block: This is a particularly good drill for teaching hitters to look before they hit. You start the drill with a six player team and six blockers at the net. The coach then tosses a free ball to the first group of players and they must run a play and go up to hit.

However the large number of blockers at the net will make it quite difficult for them by trying to shut down each hit. Furthermore the hitters are not allowed to tip over the top of the block so they absolutely must find a way around or through.

Reaction Drill: This drill will help hitters to adjust mid-air to see what the defence is doing so that they can better react to it. Start by having the player’s line up at the service line on one side of the court. The first player must then go to the net and becomes a setter. The second player then becomes the hitter.

The setter starts by setting the ball at the net and the hitter then runs and jumps to make the hit. When the hitter is in the air the coach must yell out a certain area of the court for the player to hit and the hitter must then aim for that spot. Once the hitter has hit the ball rotate the spots with the setter going to the back of the line, the hitter becoming the setter and the person at the front of the line becoming the hitter.