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Volleyball Passing Drills

Passing is arguably one of the most important skills to learn in volleyball because without the ability to pass you’ll have no opportunity to set and hit. Luckily there are some excellent volleyball passing drills out there that can help players to quickly and easily improve their passing skills. Some of the very best volleyball passing drills are listed below for you to try out!

Shuffle Steps: A good passing drill for beginners. It helps players to understand the importance of ‘shuffling’ a player’s feet and whilst ‘shuffling’ is not always a motion that can be used in competition it’s still a good way to teach new volleyball players both smooth approach and body control.

This drill has a player toss the ball to another that then passes it back. The tosser must lob the ball up into the air around ten feet away from the passer who then must get the ball. The passer has to shuffle step to retrieve the volleyball without crossing their feet, trying to get to the area before the ball gets there.

Toss, Catch: This passing drill involves having one player toss the ball at another who then passes it back to the first player. It’s a simplest volleyball passing drills but is also one of the most effective.

Pipeline Passing: This drill will help players with their lateral movement whilst forearm passing. This drill involves two players who are each at a line ten feet away. Every pass must happen between these two lines. After the first player passes the ball to the second they must shuffle sideways to their right and touch the sideline. Then they must shuffle back before the second person passes the ball back.

Serve & Pass Game: Here’s a passing drill that also helps players with serving. In this game the servers are competing against the passers. Start the drill by having one player stand at the endline with a ball, this is the server. Have a second player opposite the first on the other side of the net, this is the passer. Then a third player will stand at center front next to the net, this player will be a target for the passer.

The aim for the server is to serve the ball within one step of the passer and if the serve is done correctly then the passer pass the ball within one step of the target. Every time a player makes a good serve they get a point. One point is also given to the passer for a perfect pass.

The first player to get to three moves to the target position and the target changes position with the person who won the round.