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Awesome Volleyball Serving Drills

It’s no secret that serving is an incredibly important skill to learn for any volleyball team to be successful. Luckily for players that are struggling a bit with their serving technique there are some great volleyball serving drills out there that can help you refine your serving technique, increase your accuracy and become a better overall volleyball player.

These types of drills “zone” in on a players serving technique ignoring most other aspects of the game so that players can really focus on mastering their serve before going on to learn other skills.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the very best and most effective volleyball serving drills in existence. They will help you to learn to serve with strength and deadly accuracy.

The Serving Relay: A simple drill that involves splitting your players into two teams. The first player from each of the teams starts by serving and if they miss their serve they must try again until they make a successful serve. When the first player successfully serves they then retrieve the ball and give it to the second server. Continue right through the line til every player has successfully served.

This drill is very basic but it will help to instil correct serving technique into players by repeating the serving action over and over again until they get it right. Repeat this drill enough and before you know it all of the players on a team can be serving accurately every single time.

The Dead Fish Drill: This drill will help you with your serving accuracy. Perform it by dividing the players into two teams and have both teams continuously serve. When a player misses a serve they must go and lay on the other side of the court and become known as “dead fish” who cannot serve again until one of their team mates strikes them with the ball on their serve.

After the time runs out (a few minutes is suitable) the team with the most players still standing wins the game and may choose a penalty for the losing team (laps, situps etc).

Target Practice Drill: Have six targets set up on the court with one in each of the front left, right and middle positions as well as the back left, right and middle positions.

Start the drill by having the coach choose one of the six targets to be aimed for. The server will try to hit the target on their serve.

This volleyball drill can also be done in teams of two with each team getting a point for each successful strike on the target area.

The key is to keep a firm wrist when serving whilst making sure to contact the middle back of the ball with the heel of the hand.