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Volleyball Warm Up Drills

One of the best ways to ensure that volleyball players are able to play at their best during a big game is to perform several volleyball warm up drills beforehand. The difference between how you play after doing warm up drills compared to not doing them can be absolutely huge and that’s why we’ve compiled a short list below of some of the very best warm up drills out there that will not only help you to play your best but will improve on many of the most important volleyball skills from hitting to setting to serving.

The Toss And Pass: This is a simple warm up drill that involes splitting the team into pairs and having them work together to practice passing to each other. Have one of the players in each pair toss the ball to the other player who then pass the ball back to the first player. After a few minutes of doing this the players can switch roles and the tosser becomes the passer and vice versa.

Wall Practice: Here’s another easy but effective warm up drill. It helps players to learn to hit the net during blocks. Start the drill by having players jump up in front a wall and then tell them to imitate a block by hitting their hands against the wall up as high as they can possibly reach. The catch is that they aren’t allowed to brush the wall with their arms or hands as they return to the ground.

The Line Passing Drill: This drill helps the entire team to work on their basic passing skills together. Begin the drill by dividing the team into two separate groups and then have them each form a line with both lines facing each other.

Next have two coachers or volunteers toss balls to all of the players on the front of the lines. The front line players must then pass the tossed ball and move to the back of the line. Both lines count the number of their successful passes and aim to get the highest possible streak of successful passes that they can. Once a pass is failed they must begin counting again from one.

1 on 1 Setting: This drill will help players to warm up their setting skills. Split the team into pairs and then have them set the ball back and forth to each other over the net. If one of the players can’t get to the ball with their hands they must bump the ball up to themselves and then set the ball over the net. The aim of this drill is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible.