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Youth Volleyball Drills

Volleyball drills are a great way for young people to become familiar with and master the fundamental skills that are required to be a great volleyball player. These skills like serving, hitting, blocking, setting and passing. By regularly performing volleyball drills that are specifically designed to enhance these skills young players can quickly become strong and powerful players on the court.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best youth volleyball drills out there along with simple instructions on how to perform each drill. These drills range in difficulties from the very easy to more difficult and intensive drills.

The Corner Killer Drill: This drill helps players to work on their ability to serve to the corner of the court. To perform this drill set up an equal number of cones in all four corners of the court and then divice the team into sides and give every player their own ball. Then each player must try to knock over the other teams cones on the other side of the court and the team that successfully knocks over all of the other teams cones first wins the game!

The Rapid Set Drill: This drill is designed to teach youth players how to set a ball. It starts with two players who are standing one side of the net and a third player who is on the other side of the net. The second player must stand where the setter would line up and the first player stands in a back row position on the same side.

The third player then lines up on the opposide side of the net as the other two players and tosses the ball over the net to the first player who then passes it to the setter (the second player). The setter then bounce passes the ball under the net back to player three whilst player three throws the second ball right after the first player passes the first ball.

This is a fun and fast paced drill that’s helps players to become good at passing a lot in a short period of time.

The 4×2 Pepper Drill: This drill is designed to help players to improve their ball control skills and allows them to practice a variety of contacts simultaneously. Begin the drill by splitting players into pairs and then have the first player hit a down ball to their partner. The partner must then dig the ball and make an overhead contact to themselves. When the ball returns they must hit a downward strike to the first player who then proceeds to follow the same contact sequence.

The Greed Drill: Here’s another drill that’s perfect for teaching young players to work as a team. It also serves to reinforce the attitude of doing their best to win every point and get every ball in a game.

Begin the greed drill with two teams of six players. Both sides start with twelve balls and both teams serve two balls at a time whilst alternating sides and then rotating. Whichever team wins the rally is allowed to keep the ball and whichever team finishes with the most balls wins the game.